ESPE braided wires

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ESPE textile braided wires are characterized by durability and high tensile strength.

Braiding provides a protective layer against mechanical damage, ensuring safety and extending the service life of the cable.

DC (YTLY) wires are used in telecommunications systems and control systems. They are suitable for powering LED lighting, e.g., in furniture. Thanks to their high aesthetic value, they are also used by interior decorators.

H03VV-F/OMY three-core cables (with the protective conductor) may thussupply power to household appliances and audio/video devices.

They are also an ideal solution for lighting fixtures (e.g. the possibility of connecting two circuits to a chandelier with an effective, coloured cable).

The products are made of copper wire, double PVC insulation and polyester braid. The rated voltage of the YTLY wires is 150 V; in the case of the H03VV-F wires it is 300/300 V.

They all come with coloured conductors and different colours of braided sleeving.

DC wires specification: 2x0.5 mm2, AC wires: 2x0.75 mm2 and 3x0.75 mm^^2.

The operating temperature of All ESPE braided cables is 70°C.

The original source of text: TME


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