MPXV series SMD chokes by KEMET

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KEMET is primarily known as a manufacturer of excellent capacitors. However, the manufacturer's range of products also includes a wide choice of inductive components.

We make sure that they are not missing from the TME catalogue.

Production and international distribution of electronic components has been hampered by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, however, products by KEMET are shipped to TME's customers directly from our warehouses, which reduces lead times to a minimum.

The MPXV series chokes, which have just been added to TME's offer, thanks to their design and characteristics are excellent solutions for DC/DC power supply circuits.

These are compact inductors in a shielded SMD housing. The metal composite core has high saturation capabilities, while maintaining key parameters at stable levels, even under extreme operating conditions (including thermal conditions).

Thanks to the AEC certification, these products can be used in the automotive industry.

In the field of automotive production, typical applications for the MPXV series include control systems for LED headlights, cockpit, head-up displays (HUD), electric water pumps (EWP) and electric oil pumps (EOP), as well as electric power steering (EPS).


Type of choke ferrite

Resonant frequency from 1.6MHz to 230MHz

Inductance from 100nH to 100µH

Resistance max. 341.2mΩ (depending on the model)

Operating temperature from -55°C to 155°C

Tolerance 20%

Text prepared by: TME


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