Fibox ARCA industrial polycarbonate enclosures

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Over the years, a number of innovations in technology and materials have led to improvements in the performance of plastic enclosures. The Fibox brand is a world leader in the manufacture of this type of products.

They are primarily designed for the protection of equipment and components in harsh environmental conditions and demanding industrial applications.

Thanks to constant research and development, Fibox produces enclosures and cabinets that are ever more robust.

TME offers a wide range of Fibox products, including the extremely robust ARCA series, the tests of which are described below. These products are available directly from our warehouses, so we shorten the delivery time to the customer as much as possible.

Which cabinets should be used in industrial environments?

The more important the role of the device, the more difficult the conditions in which it works, the more expensive the device itself, the higher the requirements for the enclosure. First and foremost, the appropriate IP and IK ratings and, if necessary, the appropriate resistance to UV radiation and chemical agents.

The quality of the enclosures and the ability to easily and quickly install components inside them should also be taken into account. Additional advantages of the applied solutions include: a convenient method of leading cable bundles, modular assembly of multiple units, and a wide selection of accessories.

High-quality Fibox plastic enclosures offer all these features. Other features include:

· Robust design;

· Class II insulation protection (higher security);

· No corrosion even after scratching (durability and no maintenance costs);

· IK10 impact resistance rating (comparable to metal housings, thanks to the use of glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate);

· IP66/67 ingress protection (dust- and watertight, device safety in extreme conditions);

· Maintaining shape and tightness class after mechanical impact;

· Transparency of covers and doors;

· The possibility to produce non-rectangular enclosures, which improves the aesthetics;

· Easy to customise (lower costs and shorter installation time).

25 years in direct sun without getting ”wrinkles”

Fibox ARCA enclosures took part in an independent ISO 4892-2 study (accelerated weathering test). They were tested alongside other polycarbonate enclosures including glass fibre reinforced PC.

The aim of the experiments was to check the enclosure's performance in difficult outdoor conditions, e.g., when exposed to continuous strong UV radiation.

Using a xenon arc lamp, the enclosures were bombarded with high-intensity UV light for more than 5,000 hours, simulating 25 years of exposure to direct sunlight.

The results showed that Fibox polycarbonate outperformed both fibreglass and other polycarbonate materials in terms of durability.

The material used by Fibox did not delaminate, as was the case after only a few simulated years with other PC materials and glass fibre reinforced PC.

Moreover, the Fibox polycarbonate not only maintained its durability, but became even stronger as the UV exposure increased.

The increased durability combined with a slight colour change confirmed the high quality of Fibox ARCA products.

Invest in savings with Fibox enclosures

The durability of Fibox products contributes to significant savings in maintenance and upgrades.

The manufacturer cites two case studies from its portfolio, in which satisfied customers reduced installation costs thanks to the high quality Fibox cabinets.

Modernisation of installations but not enclosures

One of the telecommunications companies using Fibox solutions in its infrastructure has recently upgraded its entire system, replacing the electronic components in it with the latest generation devices.

In doing so, the company was able to use already installed housings, the quality of which had not degraded.

The policy of reusing cabinets has both eliminated the cost of new cabinets and saved resources that would have been spent on shipping and mounting.

Resistance to aggressive media

Fibox ARCA cabinets are ideal for all conditions, effectively protecting electronics from flooding or dust. The powder fertiliser plant in Charters Towers, Queensland (Australia) processes a very fine diatomaceous earth product.

The dust caused continuous problems with stainless steel and mild steel enclosures that were not tight enough.

Looking for the best solution to reduce the need for maintenance, the company replaced all LCS stainless steel units with Fibox ARCA cabinets.

Fibox ARCA cabinets available at TME

When considering the purchase of Fibox ARCA enclosures, it is worth taking a look at their excellent features. Detailed characteristics of each product can be found in our catalogue; below are the general features of the entire ARCA series.

Fibox ARCA cabinets features:

· Compliant with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC up to 1000 V AC/1500 V DC;

· A wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C;

· UV-resistant plastic, UV-stabilised raw material - UL 508 (UL 746C);

· Good resistance to chemical attack;

· Flame-retardant, self-extinguishing material UL 94-5VA;

· Patented hinge system allowing wide door opening (up to 120°) and the fitting of door mounted components;

· Multiple locking options to suit any application;

· Patented frame system for mounting of modular components;

· Mounting pods on the base, side walls of the base and on the inside of the door;

· Adjustable mounting plate depth;

· Light weight

The original source of text: TME

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